Council teams working hard to drain roads

Flash flooding around Kirkcudbright last Friday afternoon after a torrential cloudburst. GG 1211030 12
Flash flooding around Kirkcudbright last Friday afternoon after a torrential cloudburst. GG 1211030 12

COUNCIL roads staff have been working around the clock to contain problems arising from unseasonal heavy rainfall across Wigtownshire recently.

Complaints have been registered on a daily basis about large puddles of water and streams crossing many of the area’s roads, but with rain continuing to fall on top of saturated land, some areas are beyond help from drainage systems.

Council crews were spotted out throughout the festive period digging drains and clearing ditches in a bid to divert water away from the carriageways, but with more rain hitting the ground as they did so, their keen efforts have been futile in many areas.

A spokesperson from the council’s roads department said: “Water which normally drains off the roads and soaks away has nowhere to go and is sitting on the road surface. The ground water has risen to such high levels that in some places the drainage is working in reverse with ditches and lochs discharging onto the road.

“Local road squads from DGFirst carried out drainage works across the Machars last week in particular cleaning offlets and ditches around Kirkinner and Mochrum. This week works are taking place around the Isle of Whithorn where access has been affected by flooding of roads. There are also problems in the Rhins where Loch Magillie near Soulseat is at such a high level that it is flooding the C16w which has been closed with diversions put in place.

“In some cases drainage repairs are not practical until the ground water levels subside. The travelling public are requested to slow down and keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front where there is water on the road because it can take twice as long to stop. Standing water can cause aqua-planing and loss of control, drivers should take their foot off the accelerator to slow down and should not brake or steer suddenly. The puddles may also hide pot-holes.” Problems on the roads can be reported to the Council 24 hour telephone number on 030 33 33 3000 on online at Information about road closures can also be found on this website.