Council services removed from the McMillan Hall

From next week, a number of facilities are to be combined under one roof in both Newton Stewart and Stranraer as part of major changes to the council’s public services.

The customer service centre and registrar will be all be moved from the McMillan Hall to the current Newton Stewart Library building starting with the registrar, who will close her doors at 1pm next Wednesday.

Her new facility will be open from 9am on Monday, November 4, with telephone appointments available in between. The customer service centre will follow at 5pm on Friday, November 29 and will re-open at the library on Tuesday, December 3.

Similarly, in Stranraer the registrar and customer service will be available from Modnay, November 4 from within the current library building on North Strand Street instead of at the council’s Ashwood House.

Then from Monday, December 2, all council tax and DGHP rent payments in Galloway previously taken through the council offices can be taken at any Paypoint store or Post Office during that store’s opening hours. Customers in the Machars can also make payment in local shops rather than having to travel to the Newton Stewart office.

Some have called the move unnecessary at a time when council money is tight, but others hope it will free up buildings for use by community groups who are set to lose their buidlings under the council’s buildings rationalisation scheme.