Council plans ahead on infrastructure

The A716 Drummore Road where James and Susan Kenneavy's car left the road. Image copyright: Google
The A716 Drummore Road where James and Susan Kenneavy's car left the road. Image copyright: Google

Dumfries and Galloway Council’s Communities committee discussed a report on its Infrastructure Capital Programme 2019/20 this week.

The council agreed its capital budget for 2019/20 to 2021/22 in February 2019, with an indicative 10-year Capital Investment Strategy.

An additional £0.5m was allocated for planned structural overlays on roads for 2019/20 and in 2020/21.

Committee members were asked to note the progress on replacing the Brow Well Bridge on the B725; progress on managing road closures on the A716, Drummore, including feedback from community events and works at Stranraer Harbour, Structural damage to the Brow Well Bridge, because of foundation failure, caused the B725 to be closed in September. Following the installation of a temporary bridge, the road reopened on December 2. Work is now ongoing to restore the original bridge.

Following a tragedy which caused two fatalities in November 2018, the council has accelerated plans for coastal defence works on the Drummore coastal road (A716) including a review of the system to implement temporary road closures in extreme weather, identify the most critical sections in extreme weather, and assess the main diversion route using the B7065.

Following consultation, preferred measures for managing the flood risk, include a permanent manual barrier, temporary diversion signage, improving the temporary diversion route, and emergency access/egress from the Grennan area.

After the Health and Safety Executive raised concerns an automated barrier entry system has been installed and is now fully operational at Stranraer Harbour. Provision of disabled parking and a proposed extension to the boatyard are currently being considered, with community feedback to be gathered in early 2020.

Councillor Andy Ferguson, chairman of the Communities committee, said: “Improving travel links, road safety, repairing bridges, enhancing parking facilities, and developing economic opportunities are key issues if we’re to make it a place where people want to live, work and do business. Our capital programme for infrastructure is an essential contributor to this.”

Councillor John Martin, vice-chair, added: “Over the next three years we are committed to investing more than £30m on projects to improve and maintain the region’s infrastructure. This is vital for local people, and communities.”