Council pays out £33,000 in pothole claims

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DUMFRIES and Galloway Council have paid out over £33,000 in compensation to drivers who have fallen foul of the region’s potholes.

According to data released under the Freedom of Information Act, the claims cost the council £33,347.

However, in comparison to the wads of cash spent on repairs to the region’s roads, the figure pales into insignificance.

In 2010/11 the authority spent £15.7 million with £13.6 million planned to be spent in the current year.

A council spokesman said: “With respect to Scottish Government funding, since there is no ring fencing of budgets anymore, it is up to each individual council to determine what they allocate to roads maintenance.

“The total amount paid for claims between April 1, 2010 and March 31, 2011, due to poor road maintenance is £33,347.34.

“Please note this is the total cost of these claims and not necessarily just compensation payments to claimants.”

A Facebook page has been set up encouraging people to report potholes in Wigtownshire, simply called Wigtownshire pot hole watch.

On its homepage, it states: “Every pot hole in the Wigtownshire area that needs attention, we need you to post the location on here, let’s see if this speeds up the council to repair worn out road surfaces, and protect our cars from unnecessary damage!

“We need to have as much support as possible to make this work, the more pictures/locations and complains of the terrible road conditions might embarrass the council and get them to repair the problems asap.”