Council offers help with school transport

Dumfries and Galloway Council’s Education Committee will next week be asked to agree proposals for allocating a School Transport Contingency Fund.

The fund will form part of council activities to address “poverty-related barriers” to participating in school life, said the authority.

In February 2015, the council agreed to set aside a recurring contingency fund of £25,000 to assist families who don’t qualify for free school transport under existing council policy and who are unable to meet public transport costs where the distance is over two miles but under three miles.

The council said that Education Services will link the School Transport Contingency Fund to raising poverty awareness in schools, with criteria aligned to the free school meal entitlement.

Councillor Jeff Leaver, chairman of the Education Committee, said: “Providing the best start in life for all our children, protecting the most vulnerable people, and inclusion are priorities for our council. The School Transport Contingency Fund is another way in which our council is working to address poverty and inequalities and overcome barriers to learning and inclusion faced by children and young people from families with fewer financial resources.”