Council FOI boob

DUMFRIES and Galloway Council employees have had confidential information, including their names and details of their salaries, made public on a website after a Freedom of Information request slip up.

The local authority has apologised to those affected and are taking measures to prevent a repeat.

A council spokesman said: “ A Freedom of Information request was made to the council, asking for salary information for some of our staff. The council regularly provides salary information in response to enquiries.

“However, in providing this information, some employees’ names and dates of birth were disclosed by mistake. Some details of their employment were also supplied, however this is not classed as personal information. The third party that asked for this information subsequently published the information they received on a public website on March 23.

“The council found out about the publication of the information on June 1 and immediately took appropriate steps to ensure the information was removed from the website the same day. The council also contacted the Scottish Information Commissioner’s office about the incident.

“The council has contacted all of the employees affected by this incident and apologised. The council is taking steps to prevent an incident like this happening again.”