‘Costmetic’ localism, claims MSP

Scottish Liberal Democrat South Scotland MSP Jim Hume today said that the SNP’s commitment to localism is purely cosmetic and attacked their record on protecting public services across the region.

Mr Hume’s comments came as Scottish Government Ministers endorsed the ‘Town Centre First’ principle, which encourages public bodies such as Police Scotland to consider the consequences of removing town centre facilities before final decisions on closures are taken.

SNP justice reforms have led to the closure of police counters, police and fire control rooms, and courts across South Scotland.

Commenting, Jim Hume MSP said: “Frankly it’s a bit rich for the SNP to claim they’re encouraging the public sector to invest in town centres, a sentiment which is totally at odds with what they’ve actually done in government.

“The reality is that SNP have overseen the withdrawal of key police, court and fire services across South Scotland, which is not only damaging to community safety but also strikes a cruel blow for rural employment where every single job is at an absolute premium.”