Contractor harassed over good deed

A contractor is on the point of quitting a service he does free of charge for Dumfries and Galloway Council after complaints from local residents.

Twice a year the contractor uses his own equipment to clear away stones from the mouth of Port William harbour to stop silting.

The council allow him to do this work at both Port William and Drummore harbours. The arrangement in mutually beneficial as the council gets necessary remedial work done and the contractor gets to use the material lifted for his business.

But he is on the point of quitting because of complaints from residents.

At Wednesday night‘s meeting of Port William Community Council local fisherman Paul McGuire appealed on the contractor’s behalf to ask the CC to step in.

He said: “This man is lifting 100 tonnes of stones out of the mouth of the harbour every year and it’s a job that can take up to 10 days to complete. He wants the stones for himself and he does the job for nothing.

“For goodness sake they will be complaining that the seagulls make too much noise next!

“As I see it if someone is doing something for nothing he should be encouraged.”