Conservative focus on health and education

Conservative candidate Finlay Carson
Conservative candidate Finlay Carson

During the second last full week of the Scottish Parliament election campaign, Scottish Conservative candidate for Galloway Finlay Carson will be highlighting Health and Education.

Mr Carson said two of the most important responsibilities of the Scottish Government are Education and the Scottish NHS, for which Holyrood has 100 per cent responsibility.

He said: “I want to concentrate on these policy areas this week, because both are coming under increased pressure under the stewardship of the SNP.

“Nothing unlocks a child’s full potential better than a great education, and every parent and child should expect a first class education system that enables each individual pupil to choose their own path.

“As the father of two teenagers, one of whom is currently studying at Aberdeen University, I fully understand that university is not right for everyone - our colleges are just as important.

“Since the SNP came to power, 152,000 college places have been cut across Scotland. Furthermore, fewer students from poorer backgrounds go to University that in any other part of the UK and this is having a crippling effect on the futures and ambitions of this country’s young people.

“That is why I understand the proposal by the Scottish Conservatives to introduce an annual graduate contribution of £1,500, paid back only when future earnings are £20,000 or more. The income from this would be invested in our college and vocational sector, in contrast to the policies of the SNP who have cut funding for this vital sector to the bone.

“While spending on the NHS South of the Border increased by 7 per cent over the last six years, the SNP increased NHS spending by a mere one per cent despite the UK Government passing on £1.5 billion in Barnett consequentials.”