Confirmation of 40 jobs to go

CONFIRMATION came this week that 40 jobs are to go at Creetown’s Solway Steel manufacturing plant.

An announcement was made last month by owners Barr Limited that a consultation period would be entered into but this week, a spokesman for the company said that plummeting trade has forced the plant’s early closure.

He said: “With little prospect of trading conditions improving, Barr Limited has had to take the difficult decision to scale down and close the manufacturing facility.”

This also applies to the company’s site at Killoch in Ayrshire, where a further 40 jobs will go.

Workers have been told that they will finish the jobs they have on the go but as no more trade is on the books, the doors will close when they’re finished.

MP Russell Brown said: “This closure will have a knock-on effect on the whole area. It is vitally important the workforce gets all the help and support they need to find new jobs, including advice, help with CVs and applications as well as any training that is required.

“But all the assistance in the world won’t be enough if there just aren’t the jobs there to move into, which is why my number one priority is bringing jobs to the area and sorting out our struggling economy.”