Concern over weeds instead of wildflowers

An area of land at the north end of Whithorn is causing concern for community councillors after the local authority let the grass grow.

Community council chairman John Wilson said the length of the grass at the park boundary was becoming a problem exacerbated by dog fouling and could even become a fire hazard.

Mid Galloway Councillor Alastair Geddes said: “I don’t mind the council leaving a wild area from a biodiversity point of view but you can’t try and cut costs and pass it off as a wild area.

“Castlehill Park has to become a genuine wild area that is underpinned by biodiversity concerns.”

Fellow Mid Galloway Councillor Jim McColm added: “A wild area in about trees doesn’t make sense. I saw a piece on Border Televison recently about a local authority in the north of England that planted wildflower seeds and got a wonderful area of wild flowers – not something covered with weeds.”

A council spokesman said: “Grass in playparks is cut on a fortnightly cycle, subject to the weather.

“The perimeter of parks are no longer strimmed. As well as offering a budget saving, this encourages biodiversity by providing a habitat for the likes of butterflies.”