Community takes over Stranraer flowerbeds

Council chiefs have hailed a consultation asking community groups and the public in Stranraer to take over maintenance of flowerbeds a success.

Following budget cuts, many beds in thetown were rendered ineligible for maintenance by Dumfries and Galloway Council so the idea was put forward to allow responsibility to be transferred to the community.

A council spokesperson said this week: “We were contacted by a large number of groups and individuals who wished to take over the management of the bedding areas in Wigtownshire.

The following beds will now be taken over by the organisations listed: Port Rodie Roundabout – Tesco, Stranraer; Market Street – Stranraer BID’s; Springwell Road Corner – YMCA, Apex and Morrisons; Stoneykirk Road Verges – Wigtownshire Chamber of Commerce and Logan Botanic Gardens.

In addition to all of the above, Seaforth Nurseries is also supporting the projects.

Chair of the Wigtown Area Committee, Councillor Marion McCutcheon said: “We were overwhelmed with the response from both organisations and individuals in relation to this consultation.

“We are also heartened to see so many groups working together to plant and maintain displays within these bedding areas. We wish these groups every success and would again like to thank each and every person and organisation which contacted us.

“It is wonderful to see so much support for this type of project and it just highlights how many organisations are out there in Stranraer and how the council is committed to working with communities to enhance the region’s towns.”