Community council win battle over bus

It is It is expected that, at their meeting in Dumfries today, the South West of Scotland Transport Partnership (SWESTRANS) will agree to the Cree Valley Community Council’s request for a customised bus route to suit local needs in Newton Stewart.

The previous congestion problem with the express service bus, from Stranraer to Dumfries, entering Newton Stewart at the top of the by-pass and arriving in Dashwood Square at the same time as the school buses was alleviated when SWESTRANS agreed, after a meeting in January 2012 with CVCC representatives and elected members to change the route for the bus. From April 1 last year the express service has entered the town from the Wigtown Road roundabout. But, community leaders were frustrated when all the express buses started to use that route. But SWESTRANS argued that the timetable and route had to be consistent.

This was not what the community council had agreed to and they received that backing of elected members at last week’s meeting of Cree Valley Community Council. The SWESTRANS representative at the meeting, Harry Thomson, was left with no illusions that the agreement was that only the morning bus would use the new route so that passengers so subsequent buses could get off at the stop nearest Newton Stewart Hospital.

Now, SWESTRANS have backed down, and a recommendation that only the 8.45 express service will come into the town via the roundabout will be agreed and the changes to the route will be implemented from April 1.