Community Council elections to go ahead on July 7

Community councils in Galloway forced to disband last week over failure to ratify a constitution will be able to re-establish themselves as soon as July, council chiefs announced last week.

A spokesman for Dumfries and Galloway Council said: “By-elections will be held on July 7, and 33 of these communities have applied to be re-established. The remaining communities are considering next steps or planning to apply for re-establishment in the near future.

“Prior to this, one community council was already considering establishing itself as a community group rather than a formal community council, and they have now confirmed they wish to do so.

“We will now be in contact with the 33 community councils to advise them of the process which will now be followed.

“Community councils play a vital role in our local communities across a range of issues.

“We recognise the time that individuals devote voluntarily to service their communities.

“During April, we confirmed, following legal advice, that 37 community councils had dissolved themselves for failing to properly adopt constitutions.

“This followed a complaint by a member of the public and was not a position we wanted community councils to be in, so council staff have been working to ensure these groups can be re-established at the earliest opportunity. A notice of election to seek nominations in the affected communities will be placed in the local press in the coming weeks.”