Community council backs parents call for area committee meeting

Wigtown Community Council have backed parents’ call for the education department to attend an area committee meeting in September to listen and act on their concerns over service cuts.

Wigtown parent council representative Gail Punkett said information regarding the cuts to the ASL (associated support for learning) service were still not available and she had growing concerns that parents’ views were being ignored by the local authority during the consultation process. She said: “We gave our views but they are not taken on board.”

Mrs Plunkett had been informed that an ASL member of staff would be coming to Wigtown from another school, something she felt was unsettling for parents and children.

Councillor Alistair Geddes said the issues involved “exercised the whole community” and he urged the education department to engage in a consultation process and not just a notification process. Councillor Jim McColm commented that consultation was only worthwhile if ”the participants feel they can genuinely affect the decision making process.” Convenor Matt Kitson added: “There is no evidence from the council that any feedback has been fed into the decision making process.”