Community buy-out gathers pace

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THE Mull of Galloway Trust has contacted the Scottish Government confirming that they wish to proceed with the purchase of the Mull of Galloway Lighthouse.

The lighthouse, currently owned by the Northern Lighthouse Board has been put up for sale with an asking price in the region of £340k.

The community have already registered an interest in the purchase of the 30-acre site, and they now have exactly six months in which to complete the purchase.

The timetable for the purchase is dictated by legislation within the land reform (Scotland) Act 2003 and the sale must be completed within six months of the notification being received by the Scottish Government.

They must now appoint, within seven days, a valuer who will assess the property and provide a market valuation. Discussions will then take place between all interested parties and once an agreement has been reached with regards to the valuation, then the community will be asked to take part in a ballot.

Providing the community are in agreement, then an application will be made by the mull of galloway trust to the scottish government for the necessary funding. The Scottish Government have set aside funding within the Scottish Land Fund to be used for communuty buyouts, and it is this fund that the trust hope to tap into.

To help the trust with the expense of the ballot, legal costs and other costs, they applied to the Big Lottery and received £6744.

Company secretary Steve Hardy, after hearing of this award, said: “we can now move forward with our application, safe in the knowledge that we have sufficient funding in place to pay for the ballot, legal and other expenses that we will accrue as our application continues.

“We as a trust are looking forward to the hard work ahead, and from the response so far received from the community we remain confident that we shall have their full support. Once the application is completed and submitted, then it will be out of our hands and into the hands of the Scottish Government.”