Committee told to keep out of NHS staffing plans

Galloway Community Hospital, Stranraer
Galloway Community Hospital, Stranraer

The issue of NHS provisions in the Stranraer area must be left to NHS Dumfries and Galloway to deal with, local councillors were told this week.

Stranraer councillor Willie Scobie raised the issue during a meeting of Wigtown Area Committee on Wednesday at which he called for a report from the NHS on the situation regarding a lack of medical staff at Galloway Community Hospital.

He spoke of the fears among locals that the A&E department could be downgraded permanently and said many people felt they were being left out of the decisions made about the provision of healthcare.

He said: It is of grave concern to people locally that decisions are being made without any consultation and they frequently don’t know what’s being planned.”

Agreeing, councillor Grahame Forster said: “The health board in Dumfries and Galloway are notoriously bad at consulting with members of the public over their health provisions. That is widely aknowledged by many.”

Area Committee chairman and Stranraer councillor Jim McClung said he had sought advice over the issue from an Area Committee point of view and had been told the council has absolutely no place in deciding the appointment of staff within the NHS and that he wouldn’t be tking the issue further on behalf of the committee.