Close shave for charity

Bryce with a full head of hair
Bryce with a full head of hair

As part of their final year at Drummore Primary School, the children in primary 7 are invited to participate in the Medal of Excellence project the purpose of which is to create successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

The children are invited to take part in four tasks over their final year at the school, all of which directly relate to the Medal of Excellence purposes.

Half way through!

Half way through!

These four tasks are in term 1 successful learner, where the children produce a 24 page non-fiction book on a topic of their choice which has been researched by them. In term 2, confident individual , children learn a new sport, craft, musical instrument or hobby. They complete a short diary showing that at least 10 hours of their own time has been spent on it. In term 3, responsible citizen, the children choose a charity which they are keen to find out more about. They research the charity and produce a poster and/or power point presentation about the charity and its work. The children then give a short presentation to their peers at assembly about their chosen charity.

Bryce Sloan is a pupil in Primary 7 at Drummore Primary School and he decided that he would take his term 3 responsible citizen a little bit further. His chosen charity was Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS for short). Bryce, in his power point presentation to the other children revealed that CHAS offer a home care service and also help children and young people who are suffering from life shortening conditions like cancer and other serious illnesses. CHAS make sure that they deliver the best child care they can and have two children’s Hospices, Rachel House and Robin House. The former located in Kinross, the latter in Balloch. Both provide accommodation for eight families.

Bryce decided on his chosen charity because his granny, who lives in Annan, does a lot of charity work and CHAS is her favourite charity.

Bryce said: “CHAS is my granny’s favourite charity because they do a lot of work with children who are who are terminally ill. They make the families feel like they are at home and give them hope.”

Bryce decided that he would go that one step further for his chosen charity by getting sponsorship for a head shave. For a young man of Bryce’s age this is no mean thing, and in his power point presentation he said he was hoping to raise at least £20 or a little more. By the time his last lock of hair had been expertly removed by Wendy Mills, this amount had risen to £200, ten times more than he had hoped for.

Bryce has now to compete term 4 Effective Contributor to ensure that he receives his medal. This is where the children prepare and deliver a short series of activities for a group of younger children in school.

The head shaving took place in front of all the children at the school as well as a proud mum Angela.