Circus Of The Orient Comes To Kirkcudbright

A Circus of the Orient performer
A Circus of the Orient performer
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For the first time, a spectacular, fun-packed world-class circus for all the family, the likes of which can only be seen by audiences in major cities - is coming to Kirkcudbright. The Big Top will be at St Mary’s Park on Thursday June 23.

Featuring a galaxy of international circus stars from China, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria, Romania and France, Circus Of The Orient, has been specifically designed to visit towns and locations beyond the reach of circuses of an international standard. Yet its creators, Carol and Phillip Gandey say there will be no compromise in the size or quality of its world-class performance.

Audiences can witness the amazing world famous Shoalin Wu Shu Warriors appearing by kind permission of the Abbott of the Shaolin Temple and the Chinese Ministry Of Culture. Blink and you could miss it, such are the lightening reactions of the greatest exponents of martial arts, they stretch the limits of human achievement in this dazzling new production where east meets west.

Phillip Gandey Artistic Director said: “This production is a brilliant mix of oriental and western elements to create a thrilling, entertaining and laughter-packed show which will appeal to all the family. The deliberate mixture of cultures is due to oriental humor not being easily appreciated by western audiences, so our clowning Duo from Romania and France bring a modern twist to guarantee laughter.”

Other world class artist’s include the sensational springboard acrobatics from the amazing ‘Julio Troupe’, combined with supreme aerialists, ‘Trio Serik’, who will be on hanging straps high in the roof of the Big Top. The beautiful ‘Monalisa’ will provide an element of grace with her aerial showcase.

Encounter the unbelievable somersaults performed on Chinese poles and watch artists dice with death on the cloud swing trapeze, all whilst the spectacular Big Top is echoing with laughter from the antics of our crazy clowns ‘Duo Delbosq’.

The breakthrough of such a tour is due to the special new design of its Big Top. Although seating an audience of 500 people in 360-degree comfort, it can be erected then dismantled in a fraction of the normal time.

Executive Producer Carol Gandey explained; “This means we can visit smaller towns and remoter communities that in the past have been totally ignored by international touring companies because it would not have been economically viable.”

Carol and Phillip Gandey, the creators and producers of the internationally acclaimed Chinese State Circus, were acutely aware that many smaller towns were denied the thrill and excitement of a world-class show. Having created Circus Of The Orient specifically to fill that gap and bring the show to the audiences’ doorstep, but because the size of audience is strictly limited to 500, people are advised to book early to avoid disappointment.

“We know that people in the smaller towns and communities frequently feel they are left out of things” said Phillip. “So here’s their chance to experience what real entertainment is. We have invested a great deal in this show and now we will be depending on local people for their support.”

East meets west in a fusion of fun packed family entertainment for the very first time.