Christmas lights bound in red tape

The Cree Valley Community Council wcould have to spend around £5000 this year to ensure a spectacular display of Christmas lights in the town this year.

The demands on the community council in Cree Valley to provide a safe environment for anyone involved in putting up or taking down the lights means that they have to strictly adhere to health and safety legislation.

It also has to ensure that anyone dealing wth the Christmas lights has public liability cover and that a comprehensive risk assessment is undertaken proir to installing the lights.

Bob Boan, who has dealt with the festive light display in the town for many years, also wants the community council to press on with getting a tree ordered as well as new lights for the tree.

Last year’s tree lights, which he said had not been stored properly last year, could not be saved.

Mr Boan had already ordered replacement bulbs for the street lighting displays and asked for volunteers from the membership to help him complete the work.