Chinese student enjoy their first Christmas in Newton Stewart

Christmas host Jenny Gustafson with guests Becky and Vincent. GG 2712085 12
Christmas host Jenny Gustafson with guests Becky and Vincent. GG 2712085 12

TWO Chinese students from Manchester University enjoyed a tradition Scottish Christmas in Newton Stewart thanks to the Host UK organisation.

Twenty-three-year old Vincent who is studying conference interpreting and 25-year old Becky, a global business student, were the guests of Jenny Gustafson and her family in Corvisel Road for the festivities.

Vincent and Becky, who come from the city of Wenzhou in the Zhejiang Province, had never experienced Christmas before as the Christian festival is not celebrated in China.

Before they left to return to Manchester yesterday morning they met with Gazette reporter Louise and photographer Peter.

Vincent said: “It has been fantastic. We have had lots of food and presents. I liked the turkey and also the fish pie and trifle. We had never had anything like trifle before! Jenny is a very good cook.

“We loved all the decorations everywhere. We attended church and sang carols and yesterday (Boxing Day) we went for a walk and visited the seaside.

“This was our first Christmas and it was an unique experience.”

Jenny, who has hosted students for Christmas and the New Year for the past four years added: “We have had enormous fun with Vincent and Becky. We taught then to play Scrabble and they taught us to play Mahjong. We have learned quite a lot from them about China and for us it’s good to showcase this area and act like ambassadors for Scotland.”

If you are interesting in hosting a foreign student you can get more information at their website