Children raise funds to replace pupil’s scooter

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CHILDREN at Leswalt Primary School recently turned a sad situation into one of community pride after vandals took to their school grounds and ruined one pupil’s favourite Christmas present.

Primary one pupil Ola had been given a pink scooter by Santa and had been going to school on it, but one night she accidentally left it behind.

That night, the scooter was trashed by thugs who broke into the school grounds, before being thrown into the nearby burn.

The scooter was beyond repair. Ola and her school friends were all very upset and the school put a poster up in the Leswalt Stores to explain what had happened and ask for any witnesses.

The police were informed and PC Kevin Wyllie went out to the school to speak to the children. He has since ensured there have been regular patrols of the school grounds at night.

The children decided they would like to show Ola that the community of Leswalt is one of a kind and decided to each bring in money so that they could buy Ola a brand new scooter.

The generous response was amazing - children brought in their pocket money, all the staff contributed, people handed in money to the village shop, people with no connections to the school contributed after hearing the story – even PC Wyllie gave some money into the scooter fund.

Last week, at a special assembly in front of the whole school, staff and parents Ola was presented with a brand new Disney Princess scooter. Ola was delighted, and let out a scream of joy.

And head teacher Mrs Baillie had one final surprise for everyone. Such was the generosity of the collection, there was money left after buying the scooter. So Mrs. Baillie decided that as the pupils had all supported this they too should be treated and handed over A Nintendo Wii game to the school, bought with the change.

However, it was pointed out that there is nothing in school to use it on... so it was just as well that the school fundraising group then presented the children with a brand new Nintendo Wii, which can now be used for games based learning, wet weather playtimes and after school clubs.