Cheer for bowling centre

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Members of the Newton Stewart Community Indoor Bowling Club came out of a meeting this week with council officials and their accountant with renewed hope of securing the money needed to buy the defunct bowling 
centre in Minnigaff.

At a meeting of the Wigtown Area Committee earlier this month the club had its application for £29,000 of council funds knocked back because of a lack of information in the business plan.

But the elected members agreed at the meeting on May 2 to “ring-fence” the funding with the understanding that the bowling club would iron out the flaws in the business plan ahead of the next Wigtown Area Committee meeting on June 5.

Community indoor bowling club spokesman Bill Murdoch said: “We had a meeting on Tuesday with Wendy Jesson from the council and their accountant and now the prospects are very, very good regarding securing the funding. They said our business plan was ‘wonderful’ after some additions were made to it.

“There were questions asked that we had no answers for in the original business plan.

“We have spoken to the bank that is giving us the mortgage to say it will be a little while yet but that the money is ring-fenced and – all being well – we should get the thumbs-up at the next 
area committee meeting.”

The £29,000 will cover 53 per cent of the £55,000 the club needs as a deposit on the mortgage required to purchase the privately-owned bowling centre, which closed to the public last autumn, leaving 200 bowlers homeless.