Chamber backs fuel campaign

The economy is being seriously harmed by record fuel prices which is impacting hardest on rural areas such as Wigtownshire, according to the local chamber of commerce.

And now Wigtownshire Chamber is urging local businesses to write to local MP Russell Brown urging him to back a campaign against a further 3p per litre hike in fuel tax this summer.

Chamber president Peter Jeal commented: “News that the UK has now plunged back into recession is hardly surprising given the record level of petrol prices.

“Yet the government remains committed to its plan to add a further 3p a litre in fuel tax this summer. This is devastating news for businesses and families.

“So many of our politicians still do not seem to understand that the record price of petrol and diesel is a major factor in putting us back in recession. To go ahead with further fuel tax increases in these circumstances is economic madness.

“The chamber is also urging its members to support the Fair Fuel UK campaign.”