Challoch is 'most hit' bridge in UK

THE Challoch Bridge at Dunragit is the most struck bridge in the UK having been hit 18 times in the past year.

The bridge, which spans the A75, is hit frequently by lorries which have ignored or misjudged warning signs over their height.

Flashing diversion signs have been out of order for years on the approach to the bridge, causing many lorries to believe they are within the restrictions for the upcoming railway bridge.

But figures releases last week show that the bridge is the most frequently hit bridge in the UK - inconvenient given its situation on one of the country's busiest roads.

Each time the structure is struck, the overhead train line is closed and engineers are called out to inspect its safety, contributing to a cost of half a million pounds each year.

The Stranraer to Glasgow train line which passes overhead is often cancelled or delayed while structural checks are carried out.

The new 16.5million Dunragit bypass will divert the trunk road away from the bridge, leaving it - and its trains - in peace.