Cat stows away in van

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The owner of a curious cat is being sought. The moggy hitched a ride in a van and ended up spending a week in hiding before being rescued.

Staff at Killylour Water Treatment Works in Dumfries contacted the SSPCA for help after they spotted the stowaway jumping out of the van last Thursday morning.

But the white and tabby feline proved elusive and spent a week hiding at plant before staff were finally able to track her down on Wednesday.

Scottish SPCA animal rescue officer Tricia Smith said: “After spending a week out in the cold Brook was clearly happy to be indoors as I found her curled up asleep on a chair in the office when I came to collect her.

“Unfortunately, Brook was not wearing any identification and has not been microchipped.

“We’re sure Brook has a loving owner who will be missing her as she’s in good condition and has clearly been well cared for up until now.

Anyone who recognises Brook is being asked to call the SSPCA on 03000 999 999.