Campers in tent gas near-miss

Four members of the same family camping in the Stewartry were taken to hospital after becoming unwell from fumes in their tent this week.

The family was camping near Parton whenthey all started to feel ill at around 1am on Wednesday.

Although fire crews were not called to the scene at the time, the later sounding of an alarm led to teams from New Galloway and Dalbeattie arriving on-scene at around 5am where they found that a BBQ had been taken inside the tent.

Firefighters have now appealed for the public to recognise the danger posed by carbon monoxide. Watch Manager Jason Gardiner, community fire safety officer for Dumfries and Galloway, said: “The family had a very lucky escape. Although the barbeque was out it still produced carbon monoxide, which would have filled the tent and could easily have resulted in the tragic loss of their lives.

“In this case the family was only woken up by the sound of their dog being sick. The children were then violently unwell and they were all taken to hospital.”

SFRS crews responding to the alarmspoke to nearby campers.

Watch Manager Gardiner explained: “It was clear other campers had a potentially fatal misunderstanding of the risk from barbeques.

“Some people thought it was safe to bring them inside a tent once they were out.”