Campbell’s solicitor refutes debt claims

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IN last week’s Galloway Gazette, Stranraer businessman John McClintock accused Wanda Campbell of leaving a “trail of debts” after she rented his baker’s premises in the town.

Mrs Campbell was recently expelled from the Wigtownshire Chamber of Commerce for allegedly breaching its code of conduct. Mrs Campbell runs an online luxury hamper business called Flavours of Galloway from her base near Auchenmalg. She also has links to other companies supplying foodstuffs via the internet.

This week, Mrs Campbell’s lawyer, Fiona McAllister, refuted the allegations in a statement on behalf of Fresh with Flavours.

She said: “We entirely refute the allegations made by Mr McClintock. Neither Flavours of Galloway nor Wanda Campbell personally has ever rented premises from Mr McClintock. Any suggestion of unpaid invoices by them is damaging to both the company and Wanda Campbell’s personal reputation.

“Fresh with Flavours, a separate legal entity of which Wanda Campbell is a director, did rent premises from Mr McClintock from January 29 until March 20, 2012. However, nothing was due by Fresh with Flavours to Mr McClintock as there was never any agreement in place. Fresh with Flavours did, in fact, voluntarily offer Mr McClintock payment and attempted payment but they were given incorrect bank details by Mr McClintock so were unable to process the transfer. In addition, the invoices provided to Fresh with Flavours had VAT applied where, in some cases, it shouldn’t have been.

“Mr McClintock owns and occupies the premises and it is his responsibility to cover the bills. No ‘trail of debts’ has been left.

“In March 2012, Mr McClintock gave Fresh with Flavours an ultimatum to pay an unreasonably high amount for the rent together with his legal fees or to vacate the property. Fresh with Flavours felt they had no other option than vacate the premises. When Fresh with Flavours did so, Mr McClintock withheld stock and equipment belonging to Fresh with Flavours, resulting in them being unable to trade.”