Call for festive town light support

AS one of their budget cuts, Dumfries and Galloway Council will no longer be responsible for fitting Christmas Lights and putting up Christmas trees.

With this in mind, Cree Valley Community Council has decided to ask local organisations, businesses and individuals on board to ensure that Newton Stewart is lit up during the festive season again this year.

Council workers have always carried out this work for free but now there will be quite a substantial charge made if they are required for the work.

Local contractors could be used as an alternative but they still come at a price so Cree Valley Community Council Chairman John McNaught and Vice Chairman Bob Boan who sit on the sub committee have decided to arrange a public meeting in the McMillan Hall Meeting Room at 7.30pm on Wednesday, 27th April, when it is hoped that enough interest will be stirred up so that the appropriate finance can be raised and an appropriate all day event organised in the Town to mark the start of the Festive season.

Chairman John McNaught said: “It is important that Newton Stewart does not go backwards or maybe even does nothing as regards Christmas lights so I would really welcome as many people to this Meeting as possible in the hope that ideas for how to run the Christmas events and light up the Town can be put forward for discussion.

“We seem to hit problems each year with this issue but it is even worse now with substantial funding having to be sought and it is essential for the good of the Town and the local community that people take a keen interest.”