Call for bus route to change

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THE ongoing saga of the 500 bus service route continued at the CVCC meeting with Harry Thomson from Swestrans giving the council’s side.

CVCC members and local councillors previously had a meeting with council official Alistair Speedie, director of planning and environment services, last January to ask that the 9am 500 bus came into the town from the A75 roundabout and along Queen Street to Dashwood Square to avoid the “gridlock” when the 500 came down from Princes Street at the same time as the school buses.

The council agreed to change the route but, since last April, all the 500 buses come along Queen Street which means passengers can’t get off at the top of the bypass if they want to visit Newton Stewart Hospital.

The community council told Mr Thomson it wants just the 9am bus to come in from the roundabout, but Mr Thomson said Swestrans must have consistency with the route to avoid confusion.

Once more the changes to the layout of the Square came in for criticism from both Mid Galloway Councillor Alistair Geddes who said the traffic management scheme introduced in 2008 were “not well thought-out”.

CVCC member Willie Cannon said that the previous layout of Dashwood Square allowed two buses to sit “comfortably” side by side but that had been losdt.