Businesses affected by all day parking practices

Parking problems in Newton Stewart
Parking problems in Newton Stewart

All day a parking in the main street of Newton Stewart is affecting some businesses it was claimed at the Monday night meeting of Cree Valley Community Council.

Police officer Billy Dodds was informed by shop worker Rachel Ann Hornell that cars were sometimes parked from 8.30am to 6.30pm in the evening.

However as there was no traffic warden to enforce the 60-minute parking restriction, people were being severely hampered from parking and shopping in Victoria Street.

Ms Hornell added that after the “worst start“ to the year due to the flooding this was an unhelpful situation. She said the lack of space outside shops was also affecting their ability to deal with deliveries. Lorries had to double park when unloading heavy bags of supplies and this then caused more disruption to the traffic flow and alerted the police.

PC Dodds said that the police could not monitor the main street on a hourly basis but he said that officers would speak to drivers to ask for their cooperation in adopting more considerate parking.