WW1 tribute in poultry tent at Wigtown event

Sidney George Wombwell
Sidney George Wombwell

There will be a tribute to the fallen of World War One - both human and animal - in the poultry tent at next Wednesday’s Wigtown Agricultural Show.

Poultry tent convenor Janice Houghton Wallace’s grandfather Sidney George Wombwell served in the war, and was gassed in the trenches.

Sidney’s 19-year-old brother was killed during the conflict.

Janice will have on display her grandfather’s medals, notebook and ordnance survey map of France.

There will be examples of trench art on display and a cigarette and match holder carved out of an old gun cassette case.

This very topical theme also ties in with poultry as people were encouraged to keep hens and other poultry to help with food shortages on the home front.

As well as a wreath of red poppies for the human casualties of war, Janice will display a purple poppy to remember the thousands of animals, especially horses, who were killed in the Great War of 1914- 1918.

Janice said: “My grandfather never talked about the war but the one thing he did say was “the horses should never have gone.”