Sheep meeting to focus on health of ewes

An upcoming meeting on sheep farming will encourage farmers to turn their attention to their ewes as we head into autumn.

The event, held at Drumtee Farm near Kilmarnock on Wednesday 16 September, by kind permission of the Dykes family, will feature experts from SAC Consulting, SRUC and local veterinary practice Avondale Vets.

Chloe McCulloch, who is organising the event for SAC Consulting, a division of Scotland’s Rural College, said: “While sheep farmers have been concentrating on the management of growing lambs recently and most will still have lambs awaiting sale, if they are to have a successful crop next year they now need to turn attention back to the ewes. Effective management of both ewes and rams pre-tupping and through the winter is a critical factor in ensuring a successful lambing and the best possible start to the 2016 crop.”

The meeting will feature discussions on all aspects of pre-tupping and winter management including nutrition, disease, and parasite control. There will also be a demonstration of a ram ‘MOT’, and live fertility testing to ensure rams are fully fit for breeding.

There will also be presentations on some key health concerns for sheep; including abortion, OPA (Ovine Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma or Jaagsiekte), which is a contagious lung cancer of sheep, liver fluke and worms – as well as a demo of how electronic identification (EID) can be used on farm to get more accurate measurements and so improve the management of livestock health and performance.

This event is free, however for catering purposes those interested in attending should contact SAC Consulting’s Ayr office on 01292 525252. The event is part-funded by Scottish Government as part of its Public Good Veterinary and Advisory Services.