Poultry Show hopes to beat avian flu ban

The egg table last year
The egg table last year

With Wigtown Show just five months away the promotion for the poultry section of the show is normally well underway.

This year the Avian Influenza outbreaks in the UK have temporarily put a ban on poultry gatherings, whether they are poultry shows or poultry auctions.

The Wigtown Poultry Show Committee is therefore hoping that once the migratory season is over we see the end of this disease and the gathering ban lifted.

With that in mind the Poultry Show Committee has remained positive and organisation for the show has gone ahead with the 2017 poultry schedule currently being printed and will shortly be available.

In the event of the gathering ban not being lifted the poultry marquee would still go ahead with the egg, photograph, painting, greetings cards, handicraft and floral art classes. Children’s colouring activities and talks on keeping poultry would also take place.

The public are therefore being encouraged to apply for a schedule and see the non-live poultry classes on offer.

Janice Houghton-Wallace, Secretary of the Wigtown Poultry Show said: “We remain upbeat that the ban on poultry gatherings will be lifted before our show in August and therefore we continue planning. We do want people to be aware though that if we cannot have live poultry the show will still go ahead but in a slightly different format and I would encourage everyone to support us, get a schedule and enter as many of the other classes as possible.

“Fingers crossed that birds will be allowed to be exhibited and with the extra other entries the 2017 poultry show should be bigger and better than ever.

Make a lady’s 1920s cocktail headband with feathers; a house name or number plaque with a poultry theme or make a greetings card for a wedding anniversary – also on a poultry theme. There are still plenty of dark evenings in which to make any exhibits and be well prepared with some entries. If the show is without live poultry we can still put on a great attraction.”

For a 2017 Wigtown Poultry Show schedule please email janhwallace@aol.com

or telephone 01988 600763.

Schedules will be available at various outlets throughout Wigtownshire from March onwards.