Plan for ‘Made in Galloway’ brand

The new brand will be include meat and fish products.
The new brand will be include meat and fish products.

A ‘Made in Dumfries and Galloway’ brand has been proposed for the region to promote its unique food and drink producers.

On September 12 councillors on the Economy, Environment and Infrastructure Committee will be asked to approve the project subject to the outcome of an application for external funding from the European LEADER programme.

The project will be delivered by the Trading Standards service with the purpose of developing and maintaining an accreditation scheme which will help to promote and protect local manufacturers and producers, recognising that their goods/produce comply with relevant UK and EU regulations and that they were made or produced in Dumfries and Galloway.

The scheme is aimed at supporting the area’s unique local creative economy and heritage, food and drink and local produce including fish and meat.

The proposal is that a ‘Made in Dumfries and Galloway’ brand will be developed with an easily identifiable logo that can be attached to all goods and products within the scheme. This will also be trademarked to prevent unauthorised use. Criteria for membership will be developed, against which Trading Standards staff can assess businesses for compliance.

Businesses will be required to comply with all consumer protection laws and the relevant goods will need to originate in Dumfries and Galloway.

The “Made in Dumfries and Galloway” brand will be widely promoted and retailers will be encouraged to use the fact that they stock Dumfries and Galloway goods as a marketing tool.

All producers and manufacturers of local goods would be eligible to become members of the Made in Dumfries and Galloway scheme.

An application has been made to LEADER for funding through the Rural Development Fund. This is for 50% of the total anticipated cost of £60,000. The remaining 50% will be met from within the existing Economic Development revenue budget.