Meeting will advise farmers

Compared to last year, dairy farmers are beginning to see a chink of light coming into their businesses.

However, the risk is, as always, that this will be short-lived and not fully exploited.

Bearing these issues in mind, dairy farmers from Dumfries and Galloway are being invited to attend an interesting and informative on-farm meeting at Ernespie Farm, Castle Douglas, by permission of Brian and David McMiken.

The meeting takes place on Thursday, October 24, at 11am.

Speaking at the meeting will be well known dairy nutritionist, Hugh Kerr from Keenan. Hugh said: “The feed and milk prices last year cost us all dearly and incomes were hit in real terms. The better summer conditions have given us all a much-needed boost, and lower feed prices combined with a slightly higher milk price have allowed us an opportunity to catch our breath.”

Hugh said dairy producers should ensure that full advantage must be taken of this window of opportunity, and will be given invaluable advice at the meeting on how to achieve this.

The McMikens are milking a herd of 240. The cows are fed from a MF360 iKeenan and there will a feeding demonstration taking place at the meeting.

To book a place please call Robbie Morton on 07787 571528 or Robert Gilchrist on 07787 365016.