Farmers advised to sow catch crops

Livestock farmers looking to boost autumn forage supplies should plant catch crops of stubble turnip and/or forage rape straight into cereal stubbles, according to advice.

These are economical and easy to grow, and provide an extra source of forage within three months of sowing.

Stubble turnips are quick and easy to establish: they can be drilled or broadcast directly into cereal stubble in July and August. The crop will then be ready for grazing, 12-14 weeks later.

Another catch crop option is forage rape, which is also fast to establish. It will be ready for grazing within 13-15 weeks, and can be sown successfully up until the end of August.

More information on catch crop options – stubble turnips and forage rape – plus Limagrain’s range of catch crop mixtures, including Meat Maker and Late Lamb, can be found at