Farm markets




1531 Prime & Cast Sheep Sold.

1316 Prime Lambs sold averaged 149.4p/kg with the 717 SQQ Lambs 155.4p/kg. Top price of £76 was paid for a pen of tremendous heavyweight Texels from W McKie, High Threave. Lightweights sold to 176.2 ofr 42kg Beltex Lambs from S MacTier, Boghouse. 214 Cast sheep sold at recent rates peaking at £75 for Texel Cross ewes from C Oxley, Druchtag. Mules ewes to £64.20 from S MacTier, Boghouse with Blackfaces to £56.50 from S Redman, Creeside.

Lambs (Leading Prices Per Head):

Texel: £76, £75.20, £74.80 & £73.80 High Threave £75.80, £75 & £73.80 Baldoon £75 Rose Cottage & Pinclanty Beltex: £74 Boghouse £69.50 Brockneil Cross: £67 Knockiebae £66 Carscreugh £65.50 Auchenflower Suffolk: £73.80 & £72.80 Baldoon Charolais: £72 No2 High Boreland Blackface: £63.20 Dalhabbovh £61 Risk £60 Garheugh Cheviot: £64.80 Kildarroch Roussin: £63.50 Daldowie

Lambs (Leading Prices Per Kilo):

Texel: 171.3, 167.5 & 165 Kildarroch 168.4 Baldoon 167.8 Viewfield 166.7 Dalowie 161.9 Auchentibbert 161.5 Clugston 161.4 Rose Cottage 160.5 Auchenflower Beltex: 176.2 Boghouse 165.5 Brockneil Cross: 148.8 Auchenflower 145 Holm 143.8 Creeside Suffolk: 159.8 Viewfield 155 Druchtag 154.8 Brockneil Charolais: 160.5 Risk Blackface: 159.5, 148.1 & 147.5 Auchenflower 146.3 Garheugh Roussin: 154.8 Daldowie

Cast Ewes (Leading Prices Per Head):

Texel Cross: £75 & £70.50 Druchtag Lleyn: £72 Auchentibbert Cheviot: £66 Kildarroch Suffolk Cross: £64.50 Druchtag Mule: £64.20 Boghouse £63.50 Docherneil. Daldowie & Boghouse Blackface: £56.50 Creeside £53.50 Docherneil


Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, had forward 2440 sheep, comprising 1939 Prime Lambs, 501 Cast Ewes & Tups. Prime Lambs sold to a top price of 178.6p/kg for a pen of 42kg Beltex Lambs from J & A Young, Lanemark, New Cumnock with the overall average being 151.1p/kg, which included 514 Blackface Lambs being forward in this average. All classes were keenly bid for and Lambs that hit the spec today were especially well sold.

Leading Prices (per head) Lambs:

Beltex: £85 Perryston £82 Sorn Mains Beltex Cross: £80 Mid Brockloch & Carsloe Texel: £79 Mid Brockloch & Netherton (Semple) Texel Cross: £78 Laigh Tarbeg £77 Baidlandhill Cont: £76.50 Netherton (Semple) £76.50 Craig Cont Cross: £76.50 Mid Floak £76 Middleton (Kerr) Rouge: £75.80 Enoch £75.20 Keyshill Rouge Cross: £75.20 Muir (Watson) & Fowler Halfbred: £75 Thomaston & Carsloe Halfbred Cross: £75 Lanemark & Burnbank (McMillan) Sfk: £75 Burnbank Cheviot: £75 Mid Floak Sfk Cross: £75 Fisherton & Muir (Watson) Char: £74.80 Broadshean £74.20 Laigh Tarbeg Char: £74 Lanemark & Caprickhill Blue Texel: £74 Hallowchapel & Muirside (Borthwick) Blue Texel Cross: £74 Mossend (McCubbin) & East Revoch Mule: £66.50 Craig £66 Perryston Cross: £56 Craig Bf: £67 Knockbreck £65 Dykes (Wilson) £62 Middleton (Kerr)

Leading Prices (per kilo) Lambs:

Beltex: 178.6p Lanemark 176.2p Lanemark Beltex Cross: 178.9p Westlands 172.3p Oldbarns Texel: 171.7p Mid Brockloch 171.1p Enoch Texel Cross: 170.7p Fowler 170.5p Carsloe Cont: 170.2p Mid Brockloch 170.1p Netherton Cont Cross: 169.8p Kilruskin 169.7p Lawhill Rouge: 169.6p Laigh Tarbeg 169.5p Greenridge Rouge Cross: 168.8p Muirside 168.1p Netherton Halfbred: 168.0p Caprickhill 167.9p Lawhill Halfbred Cross: 167.5p Stairlie 167.1p Mid Lowes Suffolk: 167.0p High Woodston Cheviot: 167.0p Wee Carleton Sfk Cross: 166.7p Whinpark 166.7p Enoch Char: 166.3p Wee Carleton 166.2p Old Mill Char: 164.7p Lanemark 164.4p Caprickhill Blue Texel: 163.9p Deaconhill 168.8p Mid Lowes Blue Texel Cross: 162.8p Wee Carleton 162.4p Whinpark Mule: 140.7p Perryston 140.7p Caprickhill Cross: 138.2p Castlemains Bf: 151.2p Middleton (Kerr) 150.1p Muirston 147.7p Brockloch

501 Cast Ewes & Tups were forward selling to a top price of £107.50 for a pen of Texel Ewes from J McFadzean & Co, Broadshean, Kirkoswald with the overall average being £52.83 per head. Over fat Ewes were cheaper today, but all other classes easily maintained last week’s rates.

Leading Prices (per head) Ewes:

Texel: £107.50 Broadshean Texel Cross: £81.50 Ardoch (McDonald) £79.50 Muirside Cont: £79 Dalfask £78.50 Fowler Sfk: £72.50 Balcachie & Arnsow Beltex: £70.50 Craigfin Halfbred: £69.50 Netherton (Semple) & Easter Hillhouse Mule: £70 Dalfask £68.50 Carlung Cross: £67.50 Dykes (Parker) £66.50 Hunterston Halfbred: £65.50 Carlung Sfk Cross: £65.50 Broadshean £64.50 Broadshean Cheviot: £63.50 Netherton (Semple) Lleyn: £63.50 Nether Heilar Cheviot Cross: £63.50 Dykes Bf: £57.50 Lochgoin £55 Middleton (Kerr) £53.50 Farden (Shennan) £52.50 Carlung

Cast Tups sold to £118 and £110 for 2 Charollais Tups from J McNeil, Fairlie

Leading Prices (per head) Tups:

Char: £118 Fairlie £110 Fairlie Cheviot: £105.50 Kilruskin.


19 Clean cattle sold, a good show of Heifers sold to a top of 236 for Limousin Crosses from J Howie, Auchentibbert and to 234 for Limousin Crosses from Auchentibbert and T Miller, High Gameshill. 13 Heifers averaged 226.3p/kg Steers sold to 195p/kg for Limousin Crosses from R Laird, East Polquhirter, while Dairy Bullers sold to 169 from A Lean, Nether Lethame, Young Bulls to 188 for Hereford Cross from A Hose, Maryport.

Leading Prices (per kilo) Heifers:

Lim: 236p 234p 231p 230p 228p 223p 220p Auchentibbert 234p 232p 228p High Gameshill Char: 220p Boreland

Leading Prices (per kilo) Steers:

Lim: 195p East Polquhirter B&W: 169P Netehr Letham

Leading Prices (per kilo) Young Bulls:

Hereford: 188p Maryport Sim: 186p Maryport

Another large show of 22 Dairy Cattle at our weekly sale with 11 active buyers present. The whole sale average £1121 with the top price selling to £1580 for a very correct HF Heifer off Messrs Reid, Clauchlands, Arran

Leading Prices (per head) HF Hfrs:

£1580 & £1450 Clauchlands (Arran) £1280 Grange of Cree £1250 Langlands £1220 South Kilbride HF Cows: £1280 Ladehead £1100 Goosehill

134 calves and stirks sold with all types slightly harder to cash on the week.

Leading Prices (per head) Calves Bulls:

Limx: £370 Whitehill (Drongan) £360 Newlands £320 Kilhenzie BBx: £600 (x4) Newlands £510 & £420 (x2) East St Colmac £380 Craigie Mains AAx: £390 Meadowbank £340 Blackwood

Leading Prices (per head) Calves Hfrs:

Limx: £480 Whitehill (Dringan) £400 & £360 Whitehill (Drongan) £365 Newlands BBx: £480 Newlands £340 Machrinanish £320 Brocklehill £315 & £305 Craigie Mains

Leading Prices (per head) Stirks Blks:

Simx: £930 Westertoun Charx: £920 & £865 South Glen £840 Glenconner Limx: £840 South Glen £810 Ardoch BBx: £800 Arnsow Hex: £900 Westertoun

Leading Price Stirks Hfrs:

Limx: £700 Craig £595 Ardoch BBx: £580 West Dhulloch £400 East Brockloch

289 Cast Cattle sold in Rough Ring, another big show of Cows sold at similar rates, Bulls sold to £1180 for a Simmental from W & EI Brown, Laigh Drumdow 121p/kg. Steers sold to 152.1p/kg for a Simmental Cross from Messrs McAllister, Mid Ascog, Heifers sold to £1200 for a Limousin from W Sloan, Little Creoch (192.1p/kg). Cows sold to £1130 for a Limousin from C Taylor, South Walton with Dairy types to £970 from J Thomson, Mossend

Leading Prices Bulls:

Sim: £1180 Laigh Drumdow Ayr: £1060 Macmanniston B&W: £940 Glenside AA: £910 Knockeffrick

8 Bulls averaged 106p/kg 13 Clean Cattle averaged 139.4p/kg 161 Dairy Cattle averaged 78.5p/kg 107 Beef Cows averaged 98.4p/kg

Steers: Sim: £1080 Mid Ascog AA: £810 Watson

Heifers: Lim: £1200 Little Creoch Lim X: £1140 Knocklaugh


Lim: £1130 South Walton Lim X: £1020 Knocklaugh AAx: £1000 Quilkieston BBx; £1000 £950 Hillhead £960 Drumbreddan Mont: £800 Moorpark of Barr

B&W: £970 Mossend £830 West Cairngarroch