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AYR – MONDAY 21st APRIL 2014

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd., had forward 1580 sheep, comprising 32 New Sesason Lambs, 1201 Prime Hoggets, 347 Cast Ewes & Tups. Prime Lambs sold to a top of 262.2p/kg for a pen of 45kg Texel Lambs from Messrs F & G Young, Balnowlart, Ballantrae with the overall average being 250.1p/kg (- 9.1p on the week). Prime Hoggets sold to a top price of 247.5p/kg for a pen of 40kg Beltex Hoggets from R Morton & Sons, Milton, Kilmarnock with the overall average being 213.4p/kg (+ 9.8p on the week) Hoggets with plenty of cover were keenly bid for whilst al other sorts met a very similar trade to last week.

Leading Prices (per head) Lambs:

Suffolk: £126 £125 £120 Smithston Suffolk Cross: £119 Hemphill Texel: £118 Balnowlart Texel Cross: £114 Balnowlart Continental: £110 Balnowlart Beltex Cross: £105 £102 Glenconner

Leading Prices (per kilo) Lambs:

Suffolk: 262.2p Balnowlart Suffolk Cross: 256.1p Glenconner Texel: 255.1p Glenconner Texel Cross: 254.8p Balnowlart Continental: 253.3p Balnowlart Beltex: 252.5p Glenconner

Leading Prices (per head) Hoggets:

Beltex: £117 Balcaimie £116 Carsloe Beltex Cross: £115 Balcaimie £110 Balcaimie Suffolk: £110 Sorn Mains Texel: £110 Laight (Guild) £109 Balcaimie Texel Cross: £109 North Boig £108 Lindsayston Suffolk Cross: £108 North Boig Continental: £107 Balcaimie £106 High Grange Continental Cross: £106 Balcaimie & Keyshill Half Bred: £106 Lindsayston Half Bred Cross: £105 Sorn Mains Rouge: £105 Keyshill & Drumsuie Rouge Cross: £105 Low Holehouse Charollais: £105 Rowanstone Mule: £99 Balcaimie £96 Drumsuie Cross: £95.50 Low Holehouse Blackface: £98 Aitkenhead £95.50 Common £91 Laigh Langcraig

Leading Prcies (per kilo) Hoggets:

Beltex: 247.5p Milton 244.2p Keyshill Beltex Cross: 241.1p Auchenroy 240.2p Keyshill Suffolk: 240.2p High Grange Texel: 240.0p Auchenroy 235.7p Nether Shields Texel Cross: 234.9p Nether Shields 234.0p Balcaimie Suffolk Cross: 232.9p Kirkhill Continental: 232.6p Gateside 232.6p Kilhenzie Continental Cross: 232.5p Milton 231.8p Carsloe Half Bred: 229.6p Drumjoan Half Bred Cross: 227.3p Carsloe Rouge: 226.3p Nether Shields & Creochhill Rouge Cross: 225.1p High Grange Charollais: 224.3p Whinpark Mule: 226.3p Creochhill 217.6p Whinpark Cross: 214.9p Maxwelston Blackface: 226.1p Hoidsyard 224.3p Whinpark 222.1p Laigh Langcraig

347 Cast Ewes & Tups were forward with all classes sharper on the week, top price today was £146.50 for a pen of Texel Ewes from D Gilmour, Bromknowes, Maybole. Blackface Ewes sold to a top price of £78.50 from S Heads, Aitkenhead, Fenwick

Leading Prices (per head) Ewes:

Texel: £146.50 Broomknowes Suffolk: £133.50 Broomknowes Texel Cross: £131.50 South Craigton Beltex: £127.50 South Craigton Continental: £124.50 Arnsow & Broomknowes Suffolk Cross: £123.50 Broomknowes Charollais: £113.50 Rowanstone £112 Blairbowie Half Bred: £111.50 West Enoch £109.50 Broomknowes Down: £107.50 Back O Hill Border Leicester: £104.50 Gateside Beltex Cross: £103 Maxwelston Mule: £96.50 High Tarbeg £92.50 High Woodston £91.50 West Tarelgin Cross: £91.50 Gateside £90 Blairbowie Blackface: £78.50 Aitkenhead £73.50 West Tarelgin £71.50 Ruwhaw

Cast Tups were again very dear selling to a top price of £163 for a Suffolk Tup from Mrs Reid, Over Boreland, Dunlop

Leading Prices (per head) Tups:

Suffolk: £163 Over Boreland Texel: £143.50 Camreggan Texel Cross: £135.50 West Enoch Blueface Leicester: £130 Assloss Kerryhill: £127.50 Birgidaleknock


Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, sold 16 Prime Cattle and Young Bulls, trade similar with numbers short of buyers requirements.

8 Bullocks averaged 209.14p/kg or £1190.79

1 Friesian averaged 143p/kg or £886.00

1 Young Bull averaged 170p/kg or £1054.00

6 Heifers averaged 233.1p/kg or £1233.39

Top price of the day was 250p/kg for a smart Limousin Heifer off Claycrop or £1325.00, Bullocks peaked at 239p/kg for a Limousin off Challochmun or £1368.90 for another off the same home.

Leading Prices (per kilo) Heifers:

Lim: 250p & 246p Claycrop Char: 206p

Leading Prices (per kilo) Bullocks:

Lim: 239p 234p & 225p Challochmun Sim: 196p Botherickfield A/A: 189p Coilsholm Fr: 143p Coilsholm

Leading Prices (per kilo) Bulls:

Sim: 170p Laigland

Another small show of only 3 Dairy Cattle, top price of the day was £2080 for a Holstein Friesian freshly calved Heifer off Messrs Chalmers, Little Ittington average £1760.00

Leading Prices (per head) Holstein Friesian:

Heifers: £2080 Little Ittington £1950 Ploughlands Cows: £1250 Ploughlands

65 Calves and Stirks sold with all types maintaining recent high rates.

Leading Prices (per head) Calves:

Bulls: Simx: £620 Holmes £460 Holmes £355 & £340 Bourtreebush AAx: £550 Acholter £375 Holmes BBx: £440 East St Colmac Limx: £365 Meikle Laught £345 Fowler £335 (x4) Drumachloy Fkv: £335 Drumachloy

Current good weather conditions resulted in a scarcity of cows, with 115 head sold. All classes sold well with leaner sorts dearer on the week.

3 Bulls averaged 105.2p/kg

43 Beef Cows averaged 125.6p/kg

69 Dairy Cows averaged 107.2p/kg

Bulls sold to £1280 for a Friesian off Merslaugh or 128p/kg, Beef Cows topped at £1620 for a Charolais off Smithston or 158.8p/kg, Dairy Cows top of £1020 for a Friesian off Langdale or 137.5p/kg for a Friesian off Bourtreebush, Clean Cattle to £1060 for an A/Angus Heifer off Girtridge or 176.7p/kg.

Leading Prices (per head) Bulls:

Friesian: £1280 Merslaugh Hereford: £1180 North Milmain

Leading Prices (per head) Cows:

Char: £1620 Smithston Lim: £1260 East Borland £1090 Bargany & Genoch Mains £1080 Holmes Aubrac: £1100 Genoch Mains B/Blue: £1020 Jameston A/A: £1080 Genoch Mains Luing: £850 Craigmine Fries: £1020 Langdale £990 & £960 Bourtreebush £970 Mark £960 Largievrechtan Ayrshire: £800 Meikle Laught A/A Hfr: £1060 Girtridge