All the results from Wigtown Poultry Show

Sebastopol Goose F exhibited by Adele Taylor, Cumbria
Sebastopol Goose F exhibited by Adele Taylor, Cumbria

Once again the Poultry Section of Wigtown Show did not disappoint and proved to be an interesting attraction for everyone with a packed marquee throughout the day. One of the highlights for the winners was being presented with their trophies by Miss Vicki Adams of the GB Ladies Olympic curling team.

There were 387 birds on display, 227 egg exhibits and 714 exhibits overall which included photographs, paintings, greetings cards, handicrafts and flower arrangements.

The four poultry judges had travelled from Wales and said the long journey had been worth it for it was an outstanding and enjoyable show. Soft feather judge Dilwyn Green said: “The enthusiasm of the young exhibitors was pleasing to see and following judging they kept us busy with their questions. It was also encouraging to see so many young people helping with the running of the show.”

Flower arranging and handicraft classes were new for this year and there were some beautifully made items on display. The sewing handwork from Miss Victoria Smith was greatly admired and the variety of egg cosies were a real talking point.

Also on display was a poultry show centenary tribute as a mark of respect to all those humans and animals that were killed during World War 1.


Show Champion: Sebastopol Goose F exhibited by Adele Taylor, Cumbria

Reserve Show Champion: White Bantam Bearded Silkie F exhibited by Steve Holt, Dumfries & Galloway

Best Opposite Sex: Black Bantam German Langshan M exhibited by Dorinda & Patrick Fontana, Scottish Border.

Best Bantam S/F Heavy – D. & P. Fontana’s Black German Langshan M; Best Bantam S/F Light – S. Holt’s White Bearded Silkie F; Best Large Fowl S/F Light - B. Broomhall’s Black Araucana M; Best Large Fowl S/F Heavy – D. & P. Fontana’s Back Cochin M; Best Large Fowl H/F & Best Asian – B. Broomhall’s White Satsumadori M; Best Bantam H/F B. Broomhall’s Blue Modern Game F; Best Rare – G. Watson’s Booted M; Best Utility/Hybrid – A. Jarvis’ F; Best True Bantam – G. McAdam’s Mottle Pekin F; Best Call – N. Parker’s White M; Best Heavy Duck – A. Stanley’s Cayuga F; Best Light Duck – S. Gladstone’s Black Indian Runner F; Best Goose – A. Taylor’s Sebastopol F; Best Pair Waterfowl – A. Taylor’s White Call Ducks; Best Trio – G.D. & S.M.C.Thurland’s White Call Ducks; Best Turkey – J. U. Houghton – Wallace’s White F; Best Eggs – G. D. & S. M. C. Thurland’s 3 Goose Eggs; Best Wigtownshire Junior & Best Wigtownshire Exhibit – C. Gordon’s Blue Indian Runner M; Best Wigtownshire Juvenile – S. Kelly’s Large Rhode Island Red F; Best Wigtownshire Senior – D. Smith’s Black Pekin F; Best Open Junior Eggs – D. Smith’s 3 Bantam; Best Open Juvenile Eggs – C. Robertson’s 3 Large Fowl eggs; Best Junior Handler – S. Dale-Sunley; Best Juvenile Handler – M. Coulter; Best Open Junior – F. McTaggart’s Bantam Partridge Wyandotte F; Best Open Juvenile – S. Gladstone’s Bibbed Call Duck F; Best Ex-battery hen – M. Gordon; Best Pet – J. U. Houghton-Wallace’s Yokohama F; Best Photograph – S. Dale – Sunley; Best Decorated/Painted Egg – The Court Family; Best Painting – S. Gladstone; Best Greetings Card – S. Gladstone; Best Handicraft – V. Smith; Best Flower Arrangement – G. Ramsay.