Bus travel costs over Galloway and Ayrshire border reduced

After calls for equal bus fares for commuters between Stranraer and Ayr as between Stranraer and Dumfries, operator Stagecoach has announced it is to reduce the cost of weeklytravel around Dumfries and Galloway.

The new Megarider Plus ticket covering travel throughout Dumfries and Galloway and also including journeys to Ayrshire and Arran will cost £32 online and £35 from the driver for a seven-day ticket.

Earlier this year, MP Russell Brown highlighted a discrepancy in travel costs for people from Stranraer searching for work in Ayr – who paid three times more than those traveling to Dumfries.

The MP had been contacted by constituents in Stranraer who highlighted the higher costs as a barrier to seeking employment in Ayr, just 50 miles away, making it a key travel to work area for residents in Wigtownshire.

MP Russell Brown wrote to Stagecoach to ask them to reconsider their pricing structure and the company agreed to carry out a review.

Russell Brown said: “I am delighted the company agreed to hold a review into this and have now reduced the fare. It was unfair that a weekly ticket between Stranraer and Dumfries was a third of the price of the cost of travel between Stranraer and Ayr.

“Realistically more people will see travelling from Stranraer to Ayrshire for work than travelling to Dumfries, but up until now it would have cost someone upto to £300 a month to do so. That’s a lot out of a wage packet.

“This may open up some new job opportunities for local people. It may also make it more affordable for people travelling from Nithsdale into East Ayrshire everyday for work, which a substanial number do. “