Bus stop move should not have happened

The resiting of a bus stop in Newton Stewart without consulting the community council should never have happened, claimed an elected member this week.

Secretary Diann Hughes said she had contacted the council about the moved bus stop as a nearby resident and was sent a map showing where it been moved to and details of the scheme – but nothing had been sent to the community council.

The bus stop from Ghyll Crescent was relocated to within traffic calming area not far away on Douglas Terrace, but this has resulted in the loss of car parking spaces and means cars cannot overtake the stationary bus due to two traffic islands either side of the new stop.

The stop is used by school children and parents going into town.

Mid Galloway councillor Jim McColm asked how much work had been done to resite the stop and upon learning the work was completed, he said: “That is entirely unacceptable. This should not have happened without consultation with us, the community council.

“It appears Police Scotland and Dumfries and Galloway Council have been in correspondence over this but we have been overlooked completely.”

Councillor Alistair Geddes agreed and called for an explanation from the authority.

Mrs Hughes said the information came to light after she had contacted the council about concerns over the busy bus and passed on fears that it was used by young kids and mothers with prams who take up lots of room, meaning many have to stand – some near the windscreen and she dreaded the consequences of a crash or sudden braking.