Burglars eyeing Facebook

A warning has gone out from police locally over the use of social media following a spate of housebreaking incidents in Galloway.

In the past week, a number of thefts from houses have been reported across the area, with several being confined to the Stewartry.

And now officers are calling on homeowners to be vigilant and not advertise the fact they are out 
of the house on the likes of Facebook or Twitter.

Thieves have made off with an amount of stolen goods, including tools, jewellery and cash and police say given the short period of time and the frequency of the break-ins, they believe that the same individuals may be responsible and may be targeting the region.

Chief Inspector Irvine Watson said: “We have put a dedicated team of detectives onto these crimes as it appears we have a person or a group 
of criminals currently working in the region targeting properties.

“We are lucky that we do not suffer high levels of crime so when a pattern like this crops up, it stands out.

“We are currently looking at trends or links between 
the break-ins to establish any evidence.

“However, the public can play a vital role in helping.

“In the meantime we wou ld like to remind all our communities that our region is a safe area, but all the more reason not to become complacent with regards to properly securing buildings and vehicles.”

He added: “I would urge the community not to advertise on that medium that your property might be empty.

“Call us on 101 if you have any information.”