Broadband rolls out

The broadband roll out meeting for Mid Galloway community councils, residents, Chamber of Commerce and elected members takes place on Tuesday, December 10 at 7pm in the County Buildings, Wigtown.

The meeting is aimed at Cree Valley, Garlieston, Isle of Whithorn, Kirkcowan, Whithorn and Wigtown community council areas and members of the public (especially with a keen interest in faster, more reliable broadband). The meeting will hear from the people in charge of broadband rollout in Dumfries and Galloway. There will also be information about the broadband rollout process and plans with indicative dates and timings, the expected service at the end of the rollout process, and some options for areas which may end up with improved but still not very fast connection speeds. It will allow us to pose relevant questions, and discuss what we can do locally to help the roll-out along and take best advantage of it as soon as possible.

Community leaders hope that BT will provide someone to answer questions about the infrastructure programme itself and it is hoped someone from Scottish Power Energy Networks will explain what’s planned, since they are about to start the electricity infrastructure upgrade across the Machars.