Bridge repair works will span into autumn

Kirkcudbright Bridge
Kirkcudbright Bridge

The ongoing repairs to Kirkcudbright Bridge, reducing the roadway to one carriageway controlled by traffic lights, will continute until October.

The repairs to the concrete structure, which originally would have seen the whole bridge closed during the Easter holidays and for 14 weeks, have been ongoing since April but investigations discovered corrosion to the concrete was worse than expected.

A council spokesman said this week: “The repairs are progressing according to plan. The works involve extensive concrete repairs as the bridge is located in a tidal area so it is an aggressive environment for reinforced concrete.

“The concrete cover provided to the reinforcement when the bridge was built was very low in comparison to today’s standards and this inevitably leads to corrosion of the reinforcement.

“The corrosion expands the concrete causing cracks and spalls. It is these defects which are being repaired. It is difficult to fully assess the extent of repairs without full access from scaffolding.

“However, based on the work done to date and assuming the remaining spans require a similar degree of repair we would estimate that the concrete repairs will be complete by the middle of October 2014.

“Waterproofing of the deck and resurfacing of the carriageway will take place immediately after the repairs to the concrete have been completed.

“This resurfacing will mean the bridge will be completely closed for approximately 11 days. There will be advance notification of this closure and diversions will be in place.”

The detour for motorists who would usually use the bridge heading into town is likely to be via via Twynholm or Ringford then past Cumstoun and the Tongland Bridge, and the same in reverse.

The current traffic lights are causing minimal delays for traffic in the town.