Boxing day comes to school

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Children from Garlieston and Sorbie schools have been filling shoe boxes to send to underprivileged youngsters in Eastern Europe.

And they have written about their efforts in a school project, which The Galloway Gazette is delighted to publish here.

Garlieston and Sorbie P1-4 pupils took part in the Blythswood Care Shoe Box Appeal. We did it to help the poor in Eastern European countries. We wanted to give them useful things to help them – Jamie Russell P4

We started with collecting the items for six weeks. We collected clothes, stationery, luxury items, sweets, toiletries and household goods. Then we sorted the items into groups. Then we wrapped the shoe boxes with Christmas wrapping paper. Then we filled the shoe boxes with the items. Then we checked the items off a list. Then we counted donations and put them in the shoe box. We put an elastic band around the box and then we were finished. We collected 26 shoe boxes and sent them away to Blythswood Care – Emma McCornick P4

During the shoe box appeal we learned lots of skills. We learned how to wrap a shoe box, fill a shoe box, collect items, and how to write an informal letter. We also learned how to make all sorts of diagrams; like a carroll diagram, venn diagram and bar graph. We learned a lot along the way – Sam Donkin P4

I enjoyed wrapping the shoe boxes. We filled the shoe boxes really well. We only got about one thing wrong. The one thing wrong was that we needed to go back to see that we didn’t have any extra items in a shoe box, because someone might have two items the same and someone else might not have any. We worked as a team really well because the older children always helped the younger children. Everyone helped each other with the wrapping of the shoe boxes – Aidan Turner P4