Bowling centre plans face community objection

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MEMBERS of Cree Valley Com­munity Council agreed at their monthly meeting on Monday 
to lodge a formal objection against closure plans for Newton Stewart Indoor Bowling Centre.

The centre, which was bought by local businessman Christopher Cadman-Goodwin, is set to be used as a warehouse for his computing company but users of the current bowling club have hit out at the loss of their valuable social and sporting amenity.

As reported in The Gazette last week, Kirkcowan Community Council lodged an objection and now Cree Valley, at its first meeting since a formal planning request for change of use of the building was lodged, agreed to follow suit.

Bob Boan said he had been told the sale was a done deal, 
but suggested a discussion about a possible agreement between Mr Cadman-Goodwin and the Bowling Centre com­mittee to retain use of part of the large space for the sport may now be sought.

It was pointed out that since the planning application had been submitted, the time allowed for submissions of objections may have passed.

However, Councillor Alistair Geddes said he had raised this issue with members of the planning team previously, suggesting to them that the community council has been “backed into a corner, time-wise” on previous occasions.

He said: “I was assured by Billy Murray of the planning department that Cree Valley members are perfectly entitled to contact him to discuss these types of matters individually.”

He added that a late objection may be accepted, so the council agreed to lodge one on the grounds that the centre is a valuable local asset to the community in its present form.