Borgue pupils learn life-saving skills

Traveler DC 120
Traveler DC 120

The P5-7 pupils at Borgue Primary have been busy learning First Aid skills from John Bell who works for the British Red Cross in a voluntary capacity.

The pupils have used the knowledge to expand their learning in the Health and Wellbeing area of their school curriculum.

The pupils have learnt how to treat cuts and burns, support fractured arms and more seriously deal with unconscious victims. The pupils have had lots of fun bandaging each other up and putting each other in recovery positions but also have taken on board the seriousness of what they have learned, especially when they had a go at using the dummy to give artificial respiration.

The last sessions saw John bring a defibulator and show the children how they are used and how important they are when it comes to saving lives.

A couple of pupils said “I didn’t know some of the First Aid requirements before. John came and showed us some First Aid skills”. “We enjoyed learning how to make a sling using the bandages”.