Bomb from WWII discovered on Kirkcolm shore

Police have issued a warning after an unexploded bomb was discovered on the shore at Kirkcolm near Stranraer.

On Wednesday afternoon, the WWII phosphorous bomblet was found washed up on and officers say it resembled a dog bone.

A spokesman added: “The device has been dealt with and there is no danger to the public.

“However, please be aware when walking along the coastline should any similar devices be found.”

The description of the device was 6-8 inches in lenght, two inches in diameter, clylindrical and rusty.

The spokesman added: “The devices will not explode, however, will burn at high temperatures and emit toxic fumes.

“If such a device is found, please do not touch it, and contact local police as soon as possible with its location.”

An unexlpoded bomb was discovered by two youngsters on Cairnsmore of Fleet last year. Bomb disposal teams were called.