Bogus callers reported in Castle Douglas and Newton Stewart

Police have warned that bogus callers are operating in Galloway after a woman took a call from a fake internet company.

The local woman received a call from a male who stated that she had agreed on an upgrade to her internet service and that she now owed his company a three figure sum of cash. She stated she did not enter into this agreement and internet service was provided by a separate company and refused the request.

In a second separate incident, a local man received a call from a male with a foreign accent who stated he was entitled to a four figure sum in PPI. However to receive the cash he needed to pay 10 percent in the form of a Co-op E Cash Voucher. The local man was aware this was a scam and did not pass over any form of payment.

Police advice is to never give out personal or banking details to someone you do not know. If you receive such a call ask for any request in writing and inform the caller you will pass onto police and seek further legal advice. Research about the company or person online and speak to trusted friends and family if they are aware of such a scam. If you receive a suspicious call take down as much detail about the caller as possible, such as name, accent and company they claim to work for and hand into police.